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Thank you for showing me how to grow my business with the suncare products tou supply, i am letting you know we have just employed another full time worker and will be growing our business so much faster now.
Local Sydney bulk supplier
Toby B
"Excellent insect repellent" i took the Sunsational insect repellent away on a sales trip and i was not even bitten once, a great product.
Dale Victa  

The 200mL sunscreen was the best sunscreen for our event the Sunsational sunscreen was so popular we will now sell the sunscreen next year at our event.
Sonia Lucus Event purchasing officer  
The Buzz off insect repellent is such a good natural insect repellent wonderful smell and really is very effective, can you supply it to our over seas distributor
See attached information.
Tristan Kane CFMA
Pump dispenser sunscreen was perfect for our needs as our clients normally have sensitive skin.
Samar Steen

Thanks for the sunscreen it was very popular with our customers they really enjoyed the clear non greasy feel.
Mandy Matthews
Purchasing officer

The pump sunscreen is the best up to date and the SPF50 works extremely well it is good to find a pump sunscreen that does not sting our eyes.

Barry Jackson
Purchasing officer Qld

Our pallet of natural insect repellent arrived today I only ordered it three hours ago, now that is the quickest service we have ever had.

Julian Alastair
General manager 
Buz Off deet free insect repellent, was the best for our work force and the light smell was so popular.

Thanks from Greg fast


A wonderful bug repellent, it had no reaction to our little boy, and we noticed the smell was very mild.
Thanks for your ideas and advice.
Mel Chou

The team loves the bug repellent spray and I would like to place another order.
OBC Victoria

BuzOff bug repellent was our number one seller to the shops we sell too, do you make a larger size in BuzOff?

Roger Russ
Group buyer Azura

The BuzOff insect repellent was very popular with the workers, it really is a top quality insect repellent.
Zoe Silver

Love the BuzOff natural insect repellent it really works well and smells wonderful.

Cindy Abbey
Camping Distributor

Wonderful natural insect repellent and i love the smell.
Our team are all talking about the Sunsational natural insect repellent it really is such a effective product.
Team leader of a retail group

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